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The Synapse Oleaster

The Synapse Oleaster unit was set up on the 1st of March 2017 in Abuja, capital city of Nigeria. It is situated in very secure area. This Centre is the most comfortable and luxurious of all our Syn-apse centres. It is primarily set up to take care of the mental health and addiction needs of Individ-uals who require utmost privacy and confidentiality.


It has 6 private bedrooms signifying a maximum capacity six patients. Some of the bathrooms are fitted with Jacuzzis for ultimate patient comfort and relaxation. Each room has an executive study table. The beds are either a 6x6 or 4x6inch bed. The facility has a mini gym internally and has table tennis, basketball hoop and enough space to play some football and jog externally. All the rooms are fully air-conditioned and a standby electricity generator is available to ensure 24hrs of light supply. Each room has a TV with digital satelite connection for multiple international TV programs and stations.


This facility only accepts patients who are willing to take treatment informally (voluntarily). No Pa-tient is admitted to this facility against their will. This is needed to help maintain the desired thera-peutic atmosphere.

Executives and Celebrities

This centre supports individuals who live a very busy life who also want to have a 4-30 day detox. It supports individuals who are desperate for inpatient treatment but also need a few hours a day to carry out very important tasks outside the facility. We have systems in place to support such individuals. Celebrities will find this centre suitable. This centre will discourage press releases from celebrities whilst in the unit.


Between 07:00 and 09:30, available for all residents

Free Time

Socialize or attend one of the club meetings


Between 12:30 and 14:30, available for all residents

Free Time

Hobby time - do your favorite things


Between 18:30 and 20:30, available for all residents

Staffing Numbers

The unit has two Consultant psychiatrists attached to it thereby providing a choice. One of the Consultants has over twenty years of experience in mental health and addiction in America.
The lead Psychologist trained in Republic of Ireland, and has worked in various services including child and adolescent mental health services, adult mental health services and substance misuse services. She is a member of the BABCP. The second psychologist is also a British trained psy-chologist with about two years of experience in working with Synapse.

Each psychologist will have a maximum of three patients. This allows for intense psychological support. Apart from Individual and some group sessions, your clinical team will design a program that will be tailor made for you. We know that generic programs do not suit everyone.

International Clients

We are aware of the increasing need for mental health interventions at best prices. We are also aware that some patients have found it very useful to have treatment at centres located in envi-ronments different from theirs. The international communities in West Africa are very desirous of a facility that operates at a high standard and ensures the required confidentiality. The Oleaster Cen-tre operates based on established USA and UK Treatment protocols and policies. This influence is primarily because a significant number of clinicians attached to our centre either trained in the USA or United Kingdom. We anticipate this centre will be used by expat community and patients from the western world who want to have rTMS treatment since they end unplug paying about 30% of actual cost of the treatment.

Smoke Cessation

All our Centres do not ultimately allow smoking but we run a smoke cessation clinic to support you whilst on admission. Some people will need gradual stop smoking.

Personal Belongings

The Oleaster is the only Synapse centre where you are allowed your laptop and telephones at the beginning of your admission. If you have a drug problem and you are local to Abuja, we encourage you to change your simcard and get a new number to enable you keep in touch with loved ones and minimise the distraction from unhelpful influences.

Family Members

A designated family member who meets our stringent criteria is capable of spending some time with you in the facility on admission.

Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation rTMS

This is possibly the biggest thing to happen in mental health and addiction in recent years. This treatment is only available in few centres in the World. The average cost of treatment is £4,500 for a treatment course in the United Kingdom. This treatment is available to you at the Oleaster at just about £1,800. It is licensed for use in Depression and has massive evidence in addiction and anx-iety. Benefits are reported in its use in many other mental health conditions including OCD, PTSD, AUTISM, etc . It has been used in sleep management and neurological conditions like stroke.

Contact us

For patients coming from outside of Nigeria to receive treatment at The Synapse Oleaster, you may send an email to synapseoleaster@synapseservices.org or call (+234)0906 757 7287.
A referral from a clinician is preferred but if it is a self-referral, you will need to speak to one of the Synapse Doctors.

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SynapseServices works with companies, non-profit organizations and people worldwide to provide the best mental health services possible. We value our partners and the relations we have built with them.

Amazing Partners We Trust
Amazing Partners We Trust
Amazing Partners We Trust

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