Our Employee Well-being Programme

What is the EWP?

It is well understood that pressures on and off the job have an impact on the employer and employee's productivity and their families as well; these programs have the potential to decrease absenteeism, reduce medical claims costs, and improve employee productivity, recruitment, and retention.

The Employee Well-being Programme is a programme developed to help organizations manage workplace related issues due to mental health, substance abuse, personal problems, and work-life challenges. The Synapse EWP services are strictly confidential and are designed to be accessible to all employees (including Management).

The overall aim of the EWP is to improve employee and organizational performance by identifying and helping employees deal with work-life challenges in relation to organization's policy and EWP package.

What does the EWP do?

The EWP provides intervention through individual/group counselling, psychotherapy, training and support to employees to address issues that impact the work environment directly or indirectly through:

  • Risk assessment
  • Counselling, psychotherapy and support
  • Stress and Anger Management Training
  • Mental Health Intervention
  • Alcohol and Substance Intervention

  • Family and Personal support
  • Management Assistance Programs
  • Training and general assessment
  • Lifestyle modification plans
  • Crisis Management and Intervention
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The EWP Business Argument

The EWP service comes with a lot of advantages such as strict confidentiality, accessibility to every employee (including management) and their immediate family depending on the packaged agreed upon by the company. An EWP service also provides education for the employer and employee on how to cope with common workplace and family challenges.

EWPs have been reported to have a positive impact on organization's training and productivity and not only offers short term benefits to the employee, employer and the organization but also provides long-term benefits to all parties involved, some of the benefits of the EWP are:

  • Improving productivity and employee engagement;
  • Improving employees' and dependents' abilities to successfully respond to challenges;
  • Developing employee and manager competencies in managing workplace stress;
  • Reducing workplace absenteeism and unplanned absences;
  • Supporting employees and managers during workforce restructuring, reduction-in-forces, or other workforce change events;
  • Reducing workplace accidents;
  • Reducing the likelihood of workplace violence or other safety risks;
  • Supporting disaster and emergency preparedness;
  • Managing the effect of disruptive incidents, such as workplace, injury, or other crises;
  • Facilitating safe, timely, and effective return-to-work for employees short-term and extended absences;
  • Reducing healthcare costs associated with stress, depression, and other mental health issues; and
  • Reducing employee turnover and related replacement costs.

Although many might point to the cost of initiating such a program as a major demerit, the advantages of Employee Well-Being Program far exceed the disadvantages. In today's economy, rising health care costs are at the forefront of critical issues facing our population. These costs could be reduced by prevention strategies such as the EWP.

EWP Resources for Management

The EWP consults with managers who are concerned about their staff. Use of the EWP by managers and employees is always voluntary. The EWP is a problem-solving program and can help employees function at their best.

EWP provides resources for management to enhance management skills, strengthen the workforce, increase worker productivity and promote workplace safety.

The EWP can also help address management's concern with changes in an employee's performance or an employee's attitude towards work that could be related to personal or professional challenges.

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Synapse's EWP Interventions

Synapse's EWP interventions are designed to help you and your organization address the following issues but are not limited to:

Family and Relationship Issues
  • Parenting and Caregiver Issues
  • Family and Significant Relationships
  • Grief and Loss
  • Human Development and Aging
Health-related issues
  • Addictions (chemical and behavioural)
  • Lifestyle modification
  • Managing Mental Health issues (e.g depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia etc)
  • Self Care, child or elder care
  • Health matters; weight, smoking and general fitness lifestyle or health problems.

Other Work Related Issues:
These risks depend on the area that you are visiting and the procedures performed there.
  • Motivation Enhancement
  • Workplace and Personal Etiquette
  • Retirement-Life Planning
  • Stress Management (e.g work related stress, financial, marital, relocation, stress associated with a new promotion, returning to work etc).
  • Organizational Change
  • Problematic Termination
  • Work Transitions
  • Death of a Co-worker
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When can I talk to a EWP Consultant?

Employers and employees can consult with our EWP professionals Mondays through Fridays, 8am - 5pm to schedule an appointment at our EWP locations. We also offer confidential online consultations, risk assessment and resources through e-mail and telephone services 12 hours a day 6 days a week. Our Employee educational literatures and brochures are designed to provide self-help information to our clients and are available. (Download here)

To schedule a confidential appointment with our EWP professionals, please contact:

1. The Synapse Oleaster, Abuja:

Tel: 0906 757 7287

2. Synapse Mustard Centre:

No. 10, Inuwa Wada Crescent,
Off T.O.S Benson Street,
Off Okonjo Iweala Way,
Utako District, Abuja.
Tel: 0815 288 2329, 0816 392 2780

3. Synapse Iris Unit:

1B, Olabisi Seriki Street,
Beside Triple K Hotel,
Majek Bus Stop Abijo,
Lekki Epe Expressway, Lagos State.
Tel: 0908 569 5593, 0815 288 2329

4. The Synapse Magnolia:

(Mainland Branch)
Tel: 0909 219 0476, 0815 288 2329

5. Synapse Oak Unit:

House 4B,
Pita Ejiofor Street,
off Road 1, Udoka Housing Estate,
Awka, Anambra State
Tel: 0705 640 9301, 0815 288 2329

For more information:

Website: www.synapseservices.org
Email: info@synapseservices.org

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