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What we do

We offer a full spectrum of services:
Medical Departments

Psychological Assessments

Medical Departments

Psychological Intervention for children

Individual, Group and Family Counseling/ Psychotherapy

Medical Departments

Psychological Intervention for adolescents

Individual, Group and Family Counseling/ Psychotherapy

Medical Departments

Psychological Intervention for adults

Individual, Group, Couples, and Family Counseling/ Psychotherapy

Health & Wellness Programs
Psychological Intervention

Our Psychological Interventions include:

Brief Interventions

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)


Supportive psychotherapy

Biblo-Therapy, Guidance etc

Arts Therapy

includes Painting, Music and Drama Therapy

Other Psychological Interventions include:

Anxiety Related Issues

Anxiety, Social Phobias/General Phobias and Panic attacks.

Trauma Recovery and Stress Management

Post traumatic stress disorders, Acute Stress, Stress Management, Bereavement & Grief (loss through death).

Compulsive Behaviours

Obsessive Compulsive Disorders and Compulsive spending/gambling

Relationship/Interpersonal problems

Anger Management, Self-esteem Problems, Communication problems and Parenting and family issues.

Academic Issues

Academic Adjustment and Academic Mentoring and counseling.

Childhood and Adolescent Related Problems

* Behavioral Disorders: ADHD, Conduct Problems
* Developmental and Learning Disorders: Autism Spectrum Disorders and Learning and memory problems.

Health Related Issues

Pain Management and Lifestyle Management.

Career and Work Related Counseling

* Job dissatisfaction/problems with motivation, efficiency, job "fit"
* Work-Life Balance and Career Counseling.

Consultation and Training

Mental health Consultation, General Psychological Health Consultation, Mental health policy, Correctional psychology consultation, Skills Training and Workshops.

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Synapse Services works with companies, non-profit organizations and people worldwide to provide the best mental health services possible. We value our partners and the relations we have built with them.


Synapse Services is the most complete mental health center in Nigeria. We are here from the beginning to the end, delivering first class services.

Helping people since 2010, Synapse Services has touched the lives of many through it's quality rehabilitation services.