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...some of life's toughest challenges are our specialty.
Synapse Services has provided well over Eight years of high quality specialist mental health care services in Nigeria. It is the largest provider
of private mental health care services in West Africa with a combined bed of over 110 bed spaces. It is an outcome driven service.
When life is more than you can bear mentally, be rest assured you will find hope, support and treatment at Synapse Services. We provide exceptional care for people of all ages. Everyone is on a journey and deserves to be understood and supported. We just don't see you as a patient but as an individual functioning within a family unit that relates to the environment and community around you. You have a past, present and future that forms components of your recovery journey. If you let us into your space, we would support you and walk your journey with you by providing professional support to you.

Our Programs


Strategic Partnership

Synapse services has gone into a strategic partnership with the first outpatient mental health & Rehabilitation
treatment center in Nigeria.

The Partnership would see clients of synapse services exposed early enough to outpatient activities to aid recovery and reintegration back to their pre-morbid activities.

Olive Prime Psychological Services provides a robust outpatient program which is accessible by people of all ages.


Our Medical Services, What We Do, Our Facilities

Clinic & Hospital

Bipolar & Mood Disorders

Mood Disorders can have a devastating effect on the quality of one's life.

Our Multidisciplinary team made up of Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists, and Occupational Therapists are ready to work with you on this journey.

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Nursing Home

Depression & Anxiety

At Synapse Services, we understand how serious depression can be and will assist you in developing a coping mechanism.

We conduct a Clinical Evaluation and design an individualized treatment plan tailored to your specific need. This could include a mixture of Therapy and medications where necessary.
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Health Info & Lifestyle


Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is an area of relatively limited clinical expertise in diagnosis and treatment within the West African region.

We provide psychological interventions including psycho-education workshops and individual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).
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Clinic & Hospital

Drug Addiction

We believe addiction is a complex problem with psychological, physical and social consequences that can be managed through interventions that are holistic and tailored to the needs of the individual. Our interventions are based on tried and tested addiction models used around the world.
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Nursing Home

What We Do

Our clinical protocols are a mixture of international standard ones and best practice guides from Nigerian trained clinicians. We pay attention to confidentiality and treat our clients with utmost respect. The hospital environment is designed to ensure maximum comfort while you get treatment.
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Health Info & Lifestyle

Our Facilities

Our facilities are equipped with rTMS machine, a modern medical equipment used for the treatment of addiction and other mental and psychological illnesses.
We have modern gymnasium, music school, computer training center etc.
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Why Choose Us?

Best Professionals

We have a highly trained and qualified team of mental health professionals who are committed to provide the best medical service and post discharge follow up and care for our patients.

Latest Technologies

The Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Machine (rTMS), is used for the treatment of drug addiction and/or psychotherapy. We are the first Centre in West Africa to own and operate the machine in 2 centres.

Friendly Environment

We operate within a friendly environment to help our patients feel comfortable and relaxed, enabling them to express their feelings and thoughts to a caring team who is sensitive to their needs.

Support & Care

We give full support to our patient's families through family groups and continuous communication, as we believe they have an important role in ensuring the success of therapy.

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Our Partners

Synapse Services works with companies, non-profit organizations and people worldwide to provide the best mental health services possible. We value our partners and the relations we have built with them.


Synapse Services is the most complete mental health center in Nigeria. We are here from the beginning to the end, delivering first class services.

Helping people since 2010, Synapse Services has touched the lives of many through it's quality rehabilitation services.